Panther Properties Inc.

Charleston, IL

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Panther Properties offers several different units and close to 50 bedrooms to rent in the Charleston, IL area. We keep our rental properties up to date and offer houses and apartments for both student and family housing in the area. Student apartment rentals are available for leasing now. Be sure to consider our all-inclusive options as well! Our staff will be happy to help you find the best option for your real estate needs as we strive to keep our clients satisfied at all times.

Call us at (217) 962-0790 so we can personally assist in finding your dream home or rental.

 We are convieniently located near you at 654 Castle Drive located in the North West Business Park. Our office is in the building shared with Olmsted Brothers Insulation Inc. Come in and let us provide you with the best housing experience Charleston has to offer!




With more then 50 units available, houses ranging from 2-10 bedrooms, and all inclusive packages available, we're sure to find the perfect fit for you. Call us today and let Panther Properties take care of all your housing needs.